Hi! My name is Kenny and it`s real nice to meet you!

Greetings, Internet!

Welcome to my blog, the cleverly titled (I thought) “Please Kill the Messenger”. This is where I talk about whatever interests me, and you read and comment politely, preferably without repeatedly calling me a fag!

Now, obviously, you don`t know me, so let me introduce myself. My (fake) name is Kenny Rollins. I am a 16 year old Salvadoran-Canadian living in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada, where I fight daily with yetis and humongous, man-eating beavers to ensure my survival.

I started the blog because I enjoy writing things. I started writing my first novel (An Alex Rider rip-off) at age 12. While this draft will never see the light of day if I can help it, I caught the writing bug and decided that documenting things in a blog would be a good experience.

Typical features on the blog may include movie reviews, movie synopses (There`s a big Lion King one coming up!) music reviews, pop culture observations, my Toronto Blue Jays, and life as a bored teenager in general.

Well, this introduction seemed to go well, so I`m gonna cut it short before I start swearing. If you think I`m clever, and that I deserve to show off my meager writing talent, then please (pretty please) hit “follow”. If not, then that`s okay, and thanks for stopping by, eh?

For those of you who wanna stick around, first of all, thanks, and second of all, buckle up.

Because man o` man are we gonna have fun with this thing.