Catching up

So it’s been, what, like two months? Yeah, that seems about right. Leave it to me to take a two month coffee break when I’m getting the most views of PKtM‘s lifetime, and to come back when I’m getting my lowest amount of views in years. Fuck me, right?

I apologize for the fact that I disappeared into the ether for a while. I was busy wrestling control from my other, kinder, weaker half struggling to get through midterms and papers. I still have a week of finals to get through. I only write this in the calm before I head into my Communication Theory final. Provided I don’t commit hara-kiri first.

This is actually a photo I took at the end of last semester, outside of my  Psych 104 final. 

So, obviously, I kinda missed a whole bunch. I didn’t/won’t ever finish my Oscar reviews, and it’s kind of late for me to do my Best/Worst of 2015 list. I may do them at some point, but they’re not my priority at this point. Also, a moderately huge movie came out. You may have heard of it. It is a divisive movie features two titans of the pop culture world facing off for the first time in their on-screen history.

Jane Austen v Zombies. The hype is real. 

I would be remiss to allow the movie that I’m referring to sneak by me, so I’m going to write something about it, but it’s definitely not going to be a standard movie review, because to be honest, that’s what kind of burned me out. That same format of movie reviews was really getting boring for me to write. Also, I can’t afford to watch as much movies right now, as I am currently unemployed, and have drained my bank account on school. Not to say that I’m not talking about movies anymore, because I’m not heading that far out of my sweet, sweet comfort zone. With that said, I’m going to try to mix it up a bit. Maybe I get a job soon (god fucking willing) and I can catch more movies, but I may need to flex my writer’s muscle a little more if I want to get content out.

Anyway, yeah. I’m back. My first actual post probably won’t be out until around this time next week, because finals, but I’ll be trying to squeeze some minor stuff in before then. Until then, see ya.


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