I’m Still Alive

 It has been fourteen goddamn days since my last post. And that was just a Quote of the Day. You have to October 14th since my last post that I had to put actual thought into.

There are a few reasons for my negligence. Let’s list them all! Lists are fun!

  1. The Toronto Blue Jays made the playoffs for the first time in my lifetime. As my Twitter feed will attest, watching that on TV has taken up a good chunk of my time. They just got eliminated, so that’s that, I guess (I hope the KC Royals have their fucking knees broken).
  2. At the beginning of October, school turned the intensity from “6” to “Fuck you, shithead, kiss your free time goodbye”.
  3. When I did try to write, it didn’t come out great. I tried writing a Round-Up at the end of September. It came out badly, so I scrapped it. I spent eons workshopping a new DeathMatch and flip-flopping on my decisions. I also tried writing a review of Beasts of No Nation, but again, it didn’t come out great. That’ll be on a Round-up, I expect.
  4. I’m just plain lazy. The other stuff didn’t help, though.

Now that the worst seems to be over, I’m working on some new stuff that should put me back on top of things once again. These include:

  1. The first actual Jessica Jones trailer dropped, so my “Who the F*** is That?!?!” series will soon come out of its two-month long hiatus. As more trailers for Captain America: Civil War, Batman v Superman and Daredevil season 2 come out, there’ll be more of that too.
  2. A new comic-centric DeathMatch should be kicking off sooner rather than later, so look out for that.
  3. Now that Oscar season is just around the corner, I’m gonna start looking for more of “those” types of movies, to put it glibly. Hopefully, my wallet holds up, but we’ll see.
  4. I’ll have one giant Round-up for September and October, because I’m a lunatic.
  5. I have a few more awards I was nominated for, but they’re not really my priority right now. Thanks a lot to Bookidote for the nominations, though!
  6. A fiction thing that I’m working on that I think has the potential to turn out really excellent.

That’s all for today. I’m not promising anything, but there should be new content out by Monday. Should be.

G’night, all.

3 comments on “I’m Still Alive

  1. transhaan says:

    No problem ! It’s always a pleasure to drown you in awards ! 😉 Looking forward for your Jessica Jones “Who the F*** is That?!?!”. I know fairly little about her and Luke Cage and company.. Your posts should enlighten me very much !

    – Lashaan

  2. polarbears16 says:

    I really wanted a Jays-Cubs World Series, but alas, that did not happen. Whatever, I’m just happy the Cubs beat the Cardinals this year. That was satisfying enough in and of itself.

    Also, that Jays-Rangers Game 5 was one of the most entertaining baseball games I’ve ever seen.

    • killkenny16 says:

      I was predicting a Cubs-Jays WS. Now I’m just cheering for the Mets like mad. I kinda hate the Royals. I would count on the Cubs getting to a World Series or two in the next few years, though. The fact that that team won 90+ games with an average age of, like, 15 makes me thankful that they’re not in the same league as the Jays.

      Speaking from a purely emotional place, that game 5 is probably the best game I’ve ever seen. Talk about a bat flip heard ’round the world!

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