NL All-Star Ballot Update!

(This is a continuation of this post.)

I should probably be studying for my science final, but I haven’t posted any thing for a bit  and since I have nothing new to say, I’ll just finish with this week’s All-Star Votes.

Boring baseball posts are a clear result of writer’s block.

To unblock my mind, I thought I’d go with the proven strategy of singer/songwriter Taylor Swift, but since I’m a straight male, the tactic of “serial dumping boyfriends” is a bit unattainable.

Anyways, while the American League only has the Orioles fans who  are blatantly ballot-stuffing, the National League has a quite a few teams, mostly the Giants and the Cardinals, seem to really be helping their players out. Let’s see whether this rampant voter abuse is worth it:

(as of June 15)

Joey Votto, Reds 2,047,945
Paul Goldschmidt, D-backs 1,524,517
Allen Craig, Cardinals 1,191,229
Brandon Belt, Giants 997,066
Freddie Freeman, Braves 924,937

My Vote: Joey Votto

Well, this one seems about right. Brandon Belt has slowed down in his acquisition of votes and Paul Goldschmidt is in second place, behind Joey Votto. There is some debate as to whether Goldie or Joey should be the starter, but while I thought Goldschmidt should’ve  been ahead a few weeks back, his recent slump skews the odds back in Votto’s favour.

Brandon Phillips, Reds 2,021,277
Marco Scutaro, Giants 1,717,875
Matt Carpenter, Cardinals 1,508,314
Chase Utley, Phillies 982,966
Daniel Murphy, Mets 786,414

My Vote: Matt Carpenter

This race, unlike the American League race, which has so far unjustly excluded Howie Kendrick, is actually excellently represented. While Utley and Murphy are the dark horses, the three main candidates seem to all have equal merit as All-Star starters. I think that Phillip’s home runs are clouding his real value though, and as for Carpenter and Scutaro, it was pretty much a coin toss between them.

Troy Tulowitzki, Rockies 2,443,772
Brandon Crawford, Giants 1,293,476
Jean Segura, Brewers 1,188,317
Pete Kozma, Cardinals 905,976
Andrelton Simmons, Braves 771,665

My Vote: Jean Segura

Alright guys, bad news. Troy Tulowitzki will probably miss the All-Star Game.

While this does mean that the ASG will be without one more excellent player, this also means we STOP VOTING FOR HIM. Let’s not make the same mistake that the AL is doing with Derek Jeter, okay?

And what is Jean Segura doing behind Brandon Crawford? While Crawford is putting up solid numbers, Segura is hitting .329 and is on pace for more than twenty home runs. That is not even a fair comparison, between the two of them.

I’m kind of shocked that Kozma and Simmons are here, in part because I don’t think they should be, but also because fans tend to cruelly shun no-offense/all-defense ballplayers.

Then again, I could be wrong.

Pablo Sandoval, Giants 2,180,147
David Wright, Mets 2,053,744
David Freese, Cardinals 1,152,038
Chris Johnson, Braves 829,420
Ryan Zimmerman, Nationals 686,905

My Vote: David Wright

Many people see the main reason for electing David Wright to be “He’s a Met and they’re playing in Citi Field.” That’s true, but how about the reason that he’s miles better than any of the other guys? Kung Fu Panda is injured (And not as good) and has done nothing to really deserve that starting spot. You know, other than being adorable.

“Mom, can I keep him?”

Buster Posey, Giants 2,606,434
Yadier Molina, Cardinals 2,543,588
John Buck, Mets 866,471
Jonathan Lucroy, Brewers 630,902
Brian McCann, Braves 627,056

My Vote: Yadier Molina

Oh man, this race is extremely close. Less than 100 000 votes separate two of the best catchers in baseball from each other. I chose Yadi based of his superior offensive stats and the fact that he’s the better defender. There. I can now brace myself for the waves of angry San Franciscans who aren’t seeing their guys get any love. God help me.

Carlos Beltran, Cardinals 2,385,240
Justin Upton, Braves 2,054,225
Bryce Harper, Nationals 1,981,030
Ryan Braun, Brewers 1,645,094
Carlos Gonzalez, Rockies 1,508,355
Matt Holliday, Cardinals 1,330,471
Andrew McCutchen, Pirates 1,319,419
Hunter Pence, Giants 1,286,163
Shin-Soo Choo, Reds 1,274,755
Angel Pagan, Giants 1,131,176
Carlos Gomez, Brewers 1,027,684
Gregor Blanco, Giants 934,174
Jon Jay, Cardinals 884,323
Domonic Brown, Phillies 837,748
B.J. Upton, Braves 733,744

My Votes: Carlos Beltran, Carlos Gonzalez, Carlos Gomez

Yes, I based my voting on the fact that they’re all named Carlos. It’s a free country! What are you, a communist?

Another by-product of writer’s block is a bad joke about communists.

Anyways, the following is a list of people that don’t deserve to be here: Angel Pagan, Jon Jay and B.J. Upton.

On that rushed, unclever note, I bid you all adieu until my writer’s block clears up. (You will never see me again.)

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